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Social And Emotional Learning

Worried Wilber Activities Book and CD ROM

  • $49.50

A comprehensive resource to help tackle the growing levels of anxiety in young children.

By Francis May

Includes A5 book and a FREE CD ROM of comprehensive teachers notes with ideas on how to tackle some of the issues, as well as worksheets for the children to complete. Images of 31 worries commonly found amongst young  children, all presented with amusing illustrations.


  • Being picked last
  • being teased
  • visit to the dentist
  • germs
  • stings
  • swimming
  • animals
  • hospitals
  • skateboarding
  • getting things wrong
  • getting told off
  • the dark
  • heights
  • scary things on TV
  • fast cars
  • thunder & lightning
  • being laughed at
  • busy places
  • being late
  • bad dreams
  • other people being sad
  • about being loved
  • eating with others
  • new baby
  • new school
  • people arguing
  • having no friends
  • and a ? so they can discuss anything else that may be on their minds.
Using an inanimate object, Wilber, will enable children to feel more able to communicate their
own fears. Included in the pack is a CD ROM which contains practical ideas and activities to help
teachers to communicate with the children and therefore to deal with the worry.
Worried Wilber Activities Book and CD ROM

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